Our “control centers”

SOCHAIR Organization National Section
Germany / Austria / Switzerland

The organization has set the focus of your duties on the help of justice victims in the Federal Republic of Germany, in the Republic of Austria and in Switzerland.

We help people after release from remand if they are released without an indictment

  • short-term procurement of an accommodation or apartment
  • Help in finding a new job
  • Vocational and further training measures to improve the return to work
  • Assistance in the implementation of the assertion of all legal claims, such as Remuneration, entitlement to supplementary pension for the period of pre-trial detentiont
  • and so on

National Section D/A/CH, Wangerland

Our project "GRÈIM"

Vocational and further training measures, as well as practical work

In our new project, we offer people after release from remand for better return to work immediate measures with training and practical work at a locally based company. The training measures are free of charge for those affected. The practical work of a locally based company will be remunerated according to the appropriate tariff. Thus, with the immediate action, the transition from release to work can go smoothly without losing time and money.After the practical work at a company, the chances of taking over are very high, since only the service provided is crucial and no prejudices exist on the part of the company.

Project start since 2 May 2019. - There are still places available!
For those affected, participation is free. These costs are borne by donations and sponsors.

Location of the project: Wilhelmshaven, Bremen, Hamburg, Münster (Westfalen), Bonn, Offenbach am Main, Leipzig.

For more information and registration, please email GREIM@sochair.org

Further tasks of the organization are:

  • Torture and solitary confinement
  • Combating corruption
  • Migration / integration help